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Get cash back with the WorkSafe quad bike safety rebate and Shepparton CFMOTO

UFORCE 1000 EPS at Shepparton CFMOTO

The Victorian Government is funding a $6 million rebate scheme to help farmers upgrade from an ATV into a brand new UTV.

Victorian farmers may be eligible for a cash rebate of up to $1200 to offset the purchase of a UTV.

That’s a great incentive to make the switch from an ATV to a CFMOTO UTV.

Let’s take a closer look at how the rebate scheme works.  

ATV or UTV – what’s the difference?

ATV is an abbreviation for all-terrain vehicle. Also known as quad bikes, they usually carry a single person and are steered by using a handle bar.

The CFMOTO CFORCE 400 LE EPS is an example of an ATV. It is designed to carry a single passenger and is steered by using a handle bar (with the assistance of electronic power steering).

UTV is an abbreviation for utility-task vehicle. Also known as side-by-side vehicles, they are steered using a steering wheel, have side-by-side or bench seats and feature a small cargo bed.

The CFMOTO UFORCE 1000 EPS is an example of a UTV. It is steered using a steering wheel (with the assistance of electronic power steering), features a bench seat which can accommodate three riders (one driver and two passengers) and has a cargo bed which can carry 350KG.  

Why is the Victorian Government offering a cash rebate?

The Victorian Government is encouraging farmers to upgrade from their older ATV’s to newer UTV’s.

Their research indicates that riders of newer UTV’s, fitted with the most up to date and advanced safety features, will be safer than riders of older model ATV’s.

How much is the rebate for?

Eligible farmers can apply for a rebate up to $1200 (GST exempt) for the purchase of a CFMOTO UTV, like the CFMOTO UFORCE 1000 EPS.

The Victorian Government requires that the vehicle you purchase must be designed for use in agriculture and have a rollover protection system fitted – all of the CFMOTO UTV's meet these criteria.

Am I eligible to claim the cash rebate?

In order to be able to claim the cash rebate you need to be a primary producer and meet the below criteria.

  • Live and operate a business in Victoria
  • Have no more than 19 full-time employees
  • Own a quad bike for work purposes
  • Have farming as your main source of income 

For the purposes of the rebate scheme a ‘farmer’ is a primary producer, as defined by the Australian Tax Office.

How long will the rebate scheme be available for?

The rebate scheme will end on 30 September 2019 or when funds run out, so you need to act soon.

We have a great range of offers on the range of CFMOTO UTV’s at Shepparton CFMOTO so there is no better time to act than now.

When do I claim the rebate?

The rebate is available to be claimed after you purchase your new CFMOTO UTV from Shepparton CFMOTO.

You’ll visit our dealership, pay the full price for the vehicle, then you can claim the rebate back from the Victorian Government. 

Can I claim the cash rebate if I don’t have an ATV?

No, the rebate scheme is only for those farmers who are looking at upgrading from an older model ATV onto a new model CFMOTO UTV.

Although you may not be eligible for the rebate, we still have a range of great deals available for, so be sure to check out our offers page.

How do I claim the rebate?

The scheme is being administered by WorkSafe in partnership with the Victorian Farmers Federation.

To claim the rebate, you need to complete a form (either online or via mail).

You can complete the form at this link.

You will need to provide some details about your business, your farming activities and some details on the CFMOTO vehicle you have purchased from us.

If you need assistance in claiming the rebate the Victorian Farmers Federation can help. You can reach them on 1300 882 833.

Summing Up

Victorian primary producers may be eligible for a cash rebate of up to $1200 to offset the purchase of a new CFMOTO UTV.

All you need to do is visit our Shepparton dealership and choose the CFMOTO UTV that is best suited to your requirements. Once you’ve purchased it, you can complete a form and request the rebate.

Our sales team are ready to help you step into a new CFMOTO UTV. Call us today - (03) 5849 1577 or submit an online enquiry to learn more.  

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