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Can I register my CFMOTO ATV or UTV to ride on the road?


There is no doubting the benefits of using a CFMOTO ATV or UTV as a practical and versatile tool to perform agricultural and service work.

This work typically occurs off-road, but on occasion you might need to use your vehicle on-road, like when you are moving from one paddock to another.

Obviously, if you’re operating your vehicle on the road you’ll need some form of registration to ensure you and other road users are safe.

Today, we’ll look at how you can register your CFMOTO ATV or UTV for on-road use in Victoria.

Special Work Vehicles

VicRoads considers a CFMOTO ATV or UTV a 'special work vehicle' and allows them to be registered for use on Victorian roads subject to certain conditions.

The conditions simply ensure that there is a genuine reason for you to operate your CFMOTO on the road and that it as safe as possible to do. 

What do I need to be eligible?

Not everyone can register their CFMOTO ATV or UTV for use on-road. You must be operating or contracting to a registered business that is using the vehicle to conduct a specific agricultural, maintenance or service task.

Some examples might be a pastoral business that needs to travel on the road between their paddocks or a utilities company that is inspecting their power poles and needs to travel on-road for short distances. 

What are the conditions?

Once you have established a genuine reason for you to operate your CFMOTO on-road, your registration will only be approved subject to certain conditions of use.

The conditions will be negotiated between you and VicRoads when you lodge your application and are specific to your use.
For example, a condition may state you can only operate the vehicle no more than 20km from 48 Lockwood Road, Shepparton, VIC 3630 (or whatever your address may be).

If you only use the vehicle to cross a specific road to get to another property, the condition may state you can only operate the vehicle on Lockwood Road, Shepparton, VIC 3630 (or whatever the road name is).

Although the conditions are specific to you and your use, there are some general conditions that apply to almost every situation. They include;  

  • You can never operate the vehicle on a freeway
  • You must always travel on the shoulder of the road out of the path of traffic
  • You must not travel on a road where the speed limit is greater than 60km/h
  • The vehicle must not be driven in excess of 30km/h

There are also specific requirements regarding wearing helmets, carrying passengers and towing trailers.

In short, always wear a helmet, never carry a passenger on an ATV or more than two passengers (plus driver) in a CFMOTO UTV, never tow with an ATV and never exceed the towing capacity of a UTV.  

Do I need to modify my ATV or UTV to obtain registration?

There are some specific things that your ATV or UTV must have in order to be able to get registration, but because you bought a CFMOTO you don’t need to worry.

Every CFMOTO ATV or UTV comes standard with everything you need, including lights, indicators, horn, reflectors and rear vision mirrors.

The only extra you need will be an amber flashing light (or rotating warning lamp) and we can help install that in our dealership. 

How much does it cost to register my CFMOTO ATV or UTV to ride on-road?

The registration fee to register a CFMOTO ATV or UTV as a ‘special work vehicle’ with VicRoads is around $300.

If you are a primary producer (see below) this registration fee may not apply.

You must pay a TAC levy of around $90.00 per year.

You must also pay a fee of around $20.00 to VicRoads for your application cost.

These prices are intended as a guide only and you should contact VicRoads for current pricing.

What do I need to do to register my ATV or UTV for on-road use in Victoria?

First things first, you will need to visit the VicRoads website and download a 'Machinery Pack'. This is the form you need to complete to start the process.

Tip: You will need both the chassis number and engine number of your vehicle to complete the form. The location of these numbers will be shown in your CFMOTO owners handbook. You’ll also have them handy on the paperwork you received from us when you purchased your vehicle from us.

Once you’ve completed the ‘Machinery Pack’ form you can contact your local VicRoads branch and make an appointment. You will need to meet with VicRoads to explain why you need to operate your CFMOTO ATV or UTV on-road and negotiate the specific conditions that will apply to you.

What do I need to bring to my appointment with VicRoads?

Once you’ve made your appointment with VicRoads you’ll need to get a couple of things organised to bring with you.

  • You will need your completed ‘Machinery Pack’ form (see above).
  • You will need some ID, preferably your drivers licence.
  • You will need a letter of authority from the business who you are registering the vehicle in the name of (eg. if we were registering the vehicle, we would have a letter from Shepparton CFMOTO (our company) saying we provide authority to act on behalf of Shepparton CFMOTO).

    Tip: The registration process is much easier if you already have vehicles registered in the name of your business. For example, if your ute is registered in your business name, you should register your ATV or UTV under the same business name.
  • You will need some printed photos of the vehicle. Stand back and take clear photos of front, rear, side and chassis number of the vehicle. Make sure you take the photos with your new flashing light (or rotating warning light) fitted.

    Tip: Taking clear photos means you don’t have to present the actual vehicle to VicRoads for inspection in person. 
  • You will need the length, width and wheel of the vehicle. You can find these details in your CFMOTO owner’s manual or on our website.  
  • You will need verification from CFMOTO of the vehicles tare weight. Again, this information is in your CFMOTO owner’s manual or on our website.

Primary Producer Concessions

Many of our customers are primary producers and are eligible for a concession on their registration fees.

Primary producer concession on your CFMOTO ATV or UTV registration works exactly the same as how it does for your regular car or ute.

The only conditions are you must be a primary producer (engaged solely in an agricultural / horticultural / dairying / pastoral / commercial fishing pursuit) and the vehicle must only be used so support your agricultural activities.

If you are a primary producer you must still pay the TAC levy, which is around $90 per year.  

Summing Up

It is possible to register a CFMOTO ATV or UTV for on-road use in Victoria.

The registration will take place under VicRoads’s ‘special work vehicles’ and the use of your vehicle will be subject to a number of conditions.

You must have a specific reason for needing to operate your CFMOTO ATV or UTV on the road.

The process of obtaining registration is as simple completing a form, making an appointment and visiting a VicRoad’s branch with the required information.

Your CFMOTO ATV or UTV comes from the factory with everything required for registration with the exception of a flashing light (also known as a rotating warning light). We can help you fit this at our dealership.

We can help you choose a new or used CFMOTO ATV or UTV and get it registered on the road. Give our friendly sales team a call today – (03) 5849 1577 or make an online enquiry now. 

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